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Very First Journal/Blog Entry!

Date:  August 25, 2003

Time:  8:00 PM

Location:  La La Land

Finally!  A chance to sit down and properly break in my new journal!  I thought I was never going to get a moment to rest!

There is so much to tell that it’s hard to decide where to start!  Even with the short notes I was able to jot down on the flights, I’m afraid of forgetting something.

Not a real phrase book

“Don’t leave home without it! “- Kitty Awesome

No place to start like the beginning, I guess!

The flight from my hometown to Los Angeles were largely uneventful.  A lot of sitting around and reading, with the occasional chat with a stranger.  The only person of note was on the very first flight to Atlanta.  I was flipping through my translation guide, when the man next to me decided to teach me how to say “Hello!” in [La La language].

I obliged him, but felt terribly uncomfortable the rest of the way.  Fortunately, it was a short flight, not even an hour long.

I appreciated his help, but I wasn’t sure how to accept it.  But there I go again, being suspicious of any and all guys who talk to me.

I think I would have felt better if he wasn’t so much older than I was.  Not OLD old, but definitely not around my age.  Forties, maybe?

That was the most eventful thing that happened up until LAX, anyways.  When I got there and finally found my gate, I was greeted with a ridiculous amount of other teachers!

To make a long story short, I (slowly) started warming up to some of them, finally getting acquainted with the teachers I’ll be working with in the same city.  I was glad to see that there were at least three other girls, along with the two guys I’ll be getting to know!

Now if I had just known about Morty’s fear of live crustaceans before supper tonight, maybe we could have avoided that incident at the night market…

More on that later; I’m dead-tired, and we’re going to have to catch a train to our city in a couple of hours.  In fact, I can hear our school’s envoy pounding on the door now..