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Lost Luggage and Found Envoys [Kitty’s Journal]

Date: August 27th, 2003

Time:  10:45 PM, LLT [La La Time]

I feel wide awake, even though I’m usually in bed or falling asleep on my feet at this time back home.  I think the time change is going to take some getting used to!  And since I’m up, I might as well update you good folks on the trip here.

There is only one word to describe the trip since our 747 landed:  Chaotic!

It all began with me standing and waiting for my luggage at the carousel.  I waited and waited….but it never came!  I implored one of the older returning teachers to help me figure out what to do.  We went to the help desk, and through a bit of broken language on both sides, we discovered that my two massive, 50-lb suitcases never made it on to the plane!  

It was a good thing I took the advice from the training session seriously, and packed a few necessities in my backpack and carry-on suitcase!  (Do not fear, loved ones; the lady at the help desk told us to expect the luggage in Sad River City in a few days.  Ah, LaLa!)

Having had that sorted out, our one ginormous group split into a few smaller ones, with some folks headed to other gates for other cities, and one small group staying in the international airport’s city.  I followed my group, the one headed to W. province, to the next gate for our final flight.

When we landed again in W. province’s main city, we were somewhat accosted by various ‘friendly’ people wanting to take our luggage…and our money.  I think there were even a few beggars, but it’s hard to tell in a sea of so very many!

This is where my main group broke up; our envoys from the schools were here!  People headed in all sorts of different directions as the envoys came to pick up their new and returning native English-speaking ESL teachers.  I was hurried along by a tiny lady in a smart business suit who was speaking Lala-nese very quickly to everyone who wanted to carry our luggage or take us where we didn’t want to go.  I believe her English name was Jenny, but I’m not sure.  I’ll have to remember to ask when I see her next!

Speaking of which, I think exhaustion just overtook me.  I’ll have to recount more later; dead-tired all of a sudden!

Jet lag, man; it’s no joke!

In my next entry, I’ll endeavor to catch up more, and also answer the question of why I’m using so many euphemisms.  ‘Till tomorrow, friends!

~Kitty Awesome~


Very First Journal/Blog Entry!

Date:  August 25, 2003

Time:  8:00 PM

Location:  La La Land

Finally!  A chance to sit down and properly break in my new journal!  I thought I was never going to get a moment to rest!

There is so much to tell that it’s hard to decide where to start!  Even with the short notes I was able to jot down on the flights, I’m afraid of forgetting something.

Not a real phrase book

“Don’t leave home without it! “- Kitty Awesome

No place to start like the beginning, I guess!

The flight from my hometown to Los Angeles were largely uneventful.  A lot of sitting around and reading, with the occasional chat with a stranger.  The only person of note was on the very first flight to Atlanta.  I was flipping through my translation guide, when the man next to me decided to teach me how to say “Hello!” in [La La language].

I obliged him, but felt terribly uncomfortable the rest of the way.  Fortunately, it was a short flight, not even an hour long.

I appreciated his help, but I wasn’t sure how to accept it.  But there I go again, being suspicious of any and all guys who talk to me.

I think I would have felt better if he wasn’t so much older than I was.  Not OLD old, but definitely not around my age.  Forties, maybe?

That was the most eventful thing that happened up until LAX, anyways.  When I got there and finally found my gate, I was greeted with a ridiculous amount of other teachers!

To make a long story short, I (slowly) started warming up to some of them, finally getting acquainted with the teachers I’ll be working with in the same city.  I was glad to see that there were at least three other girls, along with the two guys I’ll be getting to know!

Now if I had just known about Morty’s fear of live crustaceans before supper tonight, maybe we could have avoided that incident at the night market…

More on that later; I’m dead-tired, and we’re going to have to catch a train to our city in a couple of hours.  In fact, I can hear our school’s envoy pounding on the door now..