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Ancient LaLalien Secret!

Date: August 28, 2003

Time: 11:30 AM

Despite all my efforts to stave off illness, I’m afraid I’ve caught a cold.  It happens almost every time I travel; not enough deep REM sleep plus eating horrible food for over 24 hours has my immune system playing catch-up. I am not a happy Kitty!

Perhaps I should try some of the ancient remedies LaLa is famous for!

Perhaps I should try some of the ancient remedies LaLa is famous for!

Oh, and not to alarm anyone, but I am not yet in my apartment; it seems there was some renovations needed, so the school has put us up at a hotel.  It’s a very nice hotel, if it makes any of you feel better!  Also, I’ve heard that my luggage is on its way, and should arrive at the school in a couple of days!  Praise The Man In The Sky!

Now, for a word on euphemisms.  From some of your comments and a few worried-sounding emails, it seems that some of you feel a little lost when I’m talking about “La La Land” and “Sad River City” and so forth.  I was sure that I had explained this in my fund-raising letter, but perhaps not everyone understood what I meant. To put it quite simply, it is safer for the ‘family’ here if I do not come out and say where I am or who I am with directly.  The Internet, as wondrous as it is, can also be something of a …. hazard.  So I must be careful. Do not fret, Beloveds!  I am in no danger of being strung up by my thumbs or having my toes chopped off!  The worst that could happen to me is deportation.  (In other words, being sent back home and never being allowed to come back.)  Since neither I nor anyone else here wants that to happen, we’re taking every cautionary step we can.  I also want to urge all those who understand my meaning to get with those who don’t and explain it in more vivid detail, just so there is no confusion.  (In other words:  Tim, could you tell Grandma Martha to stop sending those forwards?  I know she means well, but I don’t want to have to put her on my spam list just for that..)    

Ooh, I need to remember souvenirs!

Ooh, I need to remember souvenirs!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my envoy has come to take me and the other two American teachers shopping for necessities.  (Eh, must be done despite head cold!)  

~Kitty Awesome~

P. S.  Since I am normally going to be in my apartment when I write an entry, I’m not going to put the location every time.  If there IS a location, it will be because I’m traveling, or have decided to go somewhere else to write.  🙂


A Personal Touch! (Kitty’s Journal)

Date:  August 27th, 2003

Time: 10:30 PM

Location:  On-Campus Apartment in Sad River City, La La Land

So some folks at home have told me that they wanted an easier way to keep up with my experiences and journeys here in La La Land!  I wasn’t sure how to do that; I was already planning on sending out update emails and am working with a friend back home for physical update letters.


I was talking about this dilemma with Morty, a new friend and fellow American teacher at my university, and he suggested that I start blogging.  I wasn’t too sure about it; I’ve never had a blog before!

Technology is so amazing!  I think this will be the PERFECT way to keep in touch with all the family and friends back home who are interested in more personal updates.

That being said, I’ve already transcribed the first entry from my written diary to this blog.  Feel free to read it here!  (Morty also helped me out with learning some more technical things, like how to make a link!)

I plan on updating at the end of every day.  If I don’t, feel free to email me and push me along!

I look forward to sharing all my adventures with you folks!  😀

~Kitty Awesome~