The Intro

Dearest Readers, Travelers, and Fellow Dreamers:

There are some experiences in life that seem to be beyond words, beyond description.  We may spend months, even years, trying to find the perfect way to express our adventures accurately, hopefully without leaving out one minuscule detail.


But, as the months, even the years, pass, we start to forget.  We start to wonder whether the adventure ever happened, whether we will ever find a way to tell our tales.

This is how I choose to tell mine.

This is my island, my magical adventure.

Three years in the making, seven in the remembering.

By weaving the truth in with the fiction, I hope to express what I’ve longed to.

Will you come on the journey of memory and story with me?

Do you dare enter….La La Land?

Click here to start with Kitty’s first journal entry.

~L. A. Howard~


Comment, Critique, or Complement!

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